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Project summary

The MARS project tackles to the issue of physical attacks, either passive (side-channel attacks, or SCA) or active (fault attacks, or FA). The problem of characterizing and finding out counter-measures against those two attacks are usually addressed partially:
  1. proposed counter-measures often apply to one type of attack (for instance SCA or FA) and the level of robustness they provide is only analyzed for this very type of attack. However, multi-attack scenarios are seldom considered.
  2. proposed counter-measures are often patches at only one level of abstraction, for example algorithmic or physical. This approach does not yield optimal solutions and do not allow a collaborative counter-measure between the system layers.

Therefore, the first goal of the MARS project is the analysis of the possibility to merge counter-measures against SCA on the one hand and FA on the other hand. The second goal of the MARS project is to devise affordable counter-measures in the framework of embedded systems or systems-on-chips (SoCs.)

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