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1. Project summary

Hardware attacks against electronic circuits have become so numerous and so sophisticated that it is hardly possible to prove that there is no vulnerability in a critical system. In the meantime, secured 'objects' are getting closer and closer to the end-user. The basic reason is that increasing appartus are connected to networks and that the user security requires encryption at the source of the information. This is true for both smart devices (PDA, smartphones and smartcards) and personnal equipment (Tusted PC plateforms).

As often in the field of security, a high level of protection is useless if the end-user do not feel confident with the security model. As for deeply embedded security, the only 'proof' of security known to date is the publication of the counter-measures implemented in the hardware.

The OpenSmartCard project's goal is to provide public solutions to two kinds of implementation security problems :

The solutions put forward in those two research efforts are implemented in demonstrators. A joint demonstrator, comprised of both micro-electronic DPA solutions and computer architecture, is the ambition beyond this research programme.

2. Project full proposal

Available as a PDF file: opensmartcard_proposition.pdf.